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The Jerk Guy

The Jerk Guy

the-jerk-guy"Hey! You're that jerk guy", came the voice behind me.  "Oops!", he said as I turned to greet him, "That came out wrong."  I smiled, and shook his hand.  I knew exactly, his point of reference and was more pleased for hearing those words than he was embarrassed.  It was several months ago at a tasting event where we first met.  He sampled our two jerk marinades - Jammin' Jerk Marinade and Flavor of GA Finalist Smokin' Jerk BBQ Sauce & Marinade - and here he was, still shaking my hands and still raving.

I've had several similar experiences and encounters in the past, so this wasn't new.  Here's why.  Ten or more years ago I joined our neighborhood tennis team.  I found out quickly that I wasn't very good at the game.  But at home games, I was was the superstar because I had jerk chicken cooking on the grill.  From time to time I would come across one of the opposing team members and from what I can tell, they all had pleasant memories.  The conversations would start like this:

  • "Hey, I remember you!"
  • "Can you give me your recipe?"
  • "You're that guy who cooked the jerk chicken"
  • "This guy made some of the best jerk ..."

It warms my heart knowing that I can be "the jerk guy" who's created pleasant memories in the lives of other people.  It is very rewarding to witness the smile and the "hmm" followed by words like - "delicious", "amazing", "very good", "wow", "the first time I tried jerk, it made me cry, but this is freakin' awesome!"  

Let us know what pleasant memories you've had with our marinades.


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