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Lemonade Wars

Lemonade Wars


Once upon a time, there was a birdie called Mrs. Bird.  Mrs. Bird lived in a place called The Nest.  In her home, there were two little birds, Lemonade, and Wars.

One night at bedtime, they both asked their mother about their names which were much different from all their other friends who had names like Tweet, Tweed, Flitter, and Chirps.  Mrs. Birdie thought for a moment then she began.

When I was much younger, before I became a mother, I used to fly to a home near to my home for a drink.  One day during summer as I got there.  I landed on my favorite table to rest where I saw a jug with what I thought was water at the time.  I decided to take a quick bath but then when I got in, it was sweet and tasted lemon.

One day while I was there, a lady came outside and chased me away.  As I was flying away she shouted, "get away from my lemonade!".  But I couldn't resist, so I went back every day until she came out yelling again, this time with a broom and yelling very loudly, "you want war, I'll give you war!", and tossed the broom at me.  I never went back there again.

So that's how we got our names, said both of them.  She smiled, kissed them both, and said, that's because you are both sweet and very very strong.



Sometimes, instead of reading a bedtime story to our son he asks me to make up stories.  This story is based on Book Title Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies


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