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The Jerk Type Indicator

The Jerk Type Indicator

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You don't need to be a Psychologist or have a personality tool such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify someone who is being a jerk.  By the way, my MBTI indicator is INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving) just in case you were going to ask :-).

According to this Psychology Today article  there are six traits to look for to determine your own jerkiness.

  • You only talk about yourself
  • You tell offensive jokes / use offensive language
  • You're pushy and intrusive
  • You're mean
  • You show disrespect for others and their opinions

Personally, I've not come across many people who've been in a permanent jerk state of being.  They sometimes and often display good, even very admirable qualities.  This leads me to think that the behavior can be a defensive response to someone or something.  And regardless of who you are or what your definition of a jerk is, I'd bet that at some level you've been guilty of some if not all of these traits.  

In case you are the analytical type who wants to identify what type of jerk you are.  Author Dan Pearce has an interesting article that breaks it down for you here.  According to Dan, the seven types of jerks are as follows:

  • The Jerk for No Reason
  • The Goon
  • The Volatile Jerk
  • The Ex
  • The Jerk People Defend
  • The Internet Jerk
  • The Jerk You're Stuck With

So why are we here anyways, on this subject?  Well, it's obvious isn't it!  LOL!  Recently, at an event, someone jokingly asked,

What do you know about Jerk anyway?  (referring to the product)

In response I said,

Other than being Jamaican, I make jerk at home, I eat jerk at work, and I put jerk in a bottle 

We had a good laugh, chatted for some time and wished each other well.  But I digress.  Back to, why are we here anyways?

  • You only talk about yourself: - Guilty!  We talk about ourselves a lot - at trade-shows, events, on sales calls, we do.  After all two of our products are jerks and they are often misunderstood.  Why?  Believe it or not some people have never heard of jerk style cuisine before and so we give them the talk.  Others have a love hate thing going on because the first & last time they had, it was sooo good but sooo hot.  And no, jerk has nothing to do with how the meat was removed from the bone!
  • You tell offensive jokes / use offensive language: - Not guilty!  But we've had some troubles on some social platforms where jerk was considered offensive content.  Nothing that a brief explanation followed by a lengthy review hasn't fixed.
  • You're pushy and intrusive: - Guilty with explanation.  Depending on the situation, time, place, or audience you might be perceived as a vendor, peddler, higgler, marketer, representative, salesperson, or bother.
  • You're mean: - INTP remember.  Plus the customer is always right.
  • You show disrespect for others and their opinions: - Not guilty!  Well meaning people give well meaning advice which might not always be appropriate or actionable at the time.  Some well meaning people interpret this, well, the wrong way.  No offense intended!

Well there you have it.  But before you go we'd love to hear from you so drop us a line and let us know how we're doing.


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