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Curry Is Not A Spice (Per Se)

Curry Is Not A Spice (Per Se)


Having done a number of food exhibits around town, we get a number of comments about the presence of "curry" in our marinade and BBQ sauce.  Each time, before responding to the questions or comments, we pause, and say, "yes ... technically".

Technically yes, because ... curry is not a spice (per se), rather a blend of spices, better yet - a cooking style.  Thanks to the British East India Company's involvement in the Spice Trade, we have today a wide variety of spice blends called "kari podi" or "curry powder", typically associated with the Indian cuisine.

Curry, in our household of Jamaican & Indian influences,  and depending on context , can either refer to a 'commercially packaged spice mix' having the yellowish hue of turmeric, or a variety of meat and vegetable dishes cooked with or without a gravy of varying colors.  For us, the general interpretation of curry however is primarily as a style of cooking.

That said, our products are influenced by the flavors of our cultures - Indian & Jamaican.  Our particular goal was to introduce those flavors to our young son as a reminder of the rich heritage he has inherited.   As a result, you might taste some "curry" and we're fine with that, and so far others have also been delighted by a taste of our heritage.  

Our goal, as a family operated business is to create products that are rich and bold in flavor, containing all natural ingredients, that are beyond salt & sugar.   We'd love to hear your thoughts.