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Add Salt & Pepper As Needed

Add Salt & Pepper As Needed



For the most part when we are at events issuing samples of our products we pair them with meats - pork, chicken, beef, etc.  An interested passerby stops at our table for samples.  A conversation often ensues, followed by an inspection of the label, a nod of approval, perhaps a request such as "mom can you get this? I really love it!".  If the person is unfamiliar with jerk style cuisine for example, they may ask for usage applications, confirm types of applications for vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes, and then may ask, "what else do I need to add?".  

"Add salt & pepper as needed" is usually what we'll say.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • We know that salt is a flavor enhancer, but are also aware of the concern many people have about sodium consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease.  So we use salt sparingly and add just enough to salt to optimize the flavor profile and no more.
  • We know from experience, observation, and research that some people will invariably add salt or pepper during meal preparation, perhaps often out of habit, and sometimes without first without taking note of the sodium or spice i.e heat level.
  • We created our sauces and marinades with our young son in mind, so that he could develop an appreciation for and enjoy the foods from our culture - that of Jamaica and Southern India, both of which have tropical climates with a tendency towards spicier foods.  Our son likes some spice but not too much.

We often end conversations on this topic by saying that it is easier to add salt and pepper than to remove it.  We've heard from many customers who've told us that prior to using our Jammin' Jerk Marinade, that they've had a love hate relationship with jerk style cuisine because it was too spicy (going in and coming out) and sometimes a little salty.  "After trying your sauce, I can truly say that I can enjoy jerk again."  We'd love to hear from you.