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Make It Something Special

Vegetarian Dish


Looking to add something new to your pantry? 



We could tell you to look no further?

But would you take our word for it? 





So here's what some of our customers had to say ...


I was a little apprehensive, but it was worth it. I can't wait to try different recipes with this.


OMG! I'm somewhat apprehensive of anything that's Spicy; but the blend of Spice/a Hint of Sweet in conjunction to herbs had my taste buds saying yaaaaaasss!!.


This is the goods. Great balance of sweet, spicy, savory and heat. Add smoke from the grill and it is a guaranteed success.


Without a doubt, this is my favorite marinade! I use it on all my fish and vegetable dishes. In the past, I had to use a number of different spices to get the right flavor but not anymore.


I'm a big fan! This stuff rocks on the grill with chicken. Not too sweet and not too spicy....just perfect!



So why are you here anyway?  

And what would we like for you to know about us?



Ideally we would love for you to try our products. 

But, ultimately, we would love for you to become a lifelong customer, fan, referral partner, and advocate.  

And we'd love for you to create great recipes such as the ones pictured below and more ...



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Making Your Something Special

Maybe you're vegan or vegetarian and you're looking to jazz up your next meal.  We've got you covered!  Our products have all vegan / vegetarian approved ingredients.

You could try our version of Aioli which goes well with a variety of raw vegetables (beets, carrots, celery, cauliflower, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.), roasted vegetables, veggie burgers, breakfast hash, and so on.

Maybe you like to entertain and have a glass of red wine, with cheese before you start the main course.  We've got that covered too!  Our saucineades has many applications.

You can even turn your jam or jelly into a delicious glaze which can serve over cream cheese on crackers or to finish whatever you have cooking in the oven such as poultry or lamb.

Make a glaze my mixing about a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of our Saucinade with a few tablespoons of jam, preserve, or pepper jelly.  Serve over cream cheese on crackers with whatever else you have.  



What Makes Our Products Special? 

We could give you a number of reasons and attributes to support our point but the short answer is that our son says it is.  

See, we figured that the best way to introduce him to our culture was through the thing we spent the most time consuming or thinking about - food.  When we started out on this journey we had no intention to start a business.  We only wanted to make something that he would enjoy eating, something that would be representative of our culinary cultures (Jamaica & India) and experiences.  

So far, he's been a big fan as well as our biggest critic.  So far based on his thumbs rating scale on goodness, we’ve been getting a thumbs up so far.